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Pet Electric Bed And Mat Covers USB Heating Pad Cat Dog Blanket Sofa Warm Cushions Pad Mats Sleeping Bag Floor Protector Beds

Warm and breathable, multi-layer integrated design.

Smooth milk silk and flannel. Soft and skin friendly, breathable, not stuffy, not sticky, and easy to take care of.

Pet Smart Thermostat

1. Intelligent temperature regulation
2. Low voltage safety
3, 1 minute fast heating
4. Power off regularly
5. Skin friendly fabric
6. Breathable and pressure sensitive
7. Detachable water washing
8. Available in all seasons

Fast temperature rise, safe and radiation free

Low voltage DC power supply is adopted, and the heating is quickly balanced within 1 minute without harmful electromagnetic radiation.



M(1.5-3kg pet)
L(3-7.5kg pet)